How to code is a community for aspiring web developers. Everything provided is for the self-taught student, as bootcamps, colleges and universities are often too expensive. How to code provides all of the resources you need to learn how to become a professional web developer by presenting the material in a methodical curriculum to prevent you from wasting unnecessary time and money. Oh... and the curriculum is FREE!

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This is the curriculum I wish I had when I first began my journey teaching myself web development. When I began learning all of this I didn’t have any structure and had no idea which books to read, which courses to take, which languages to learn etc. I could have saved countless hours and lots of money if only I had a curriculum like this. So I created this to save you from making the same mistakes I did. Like I said above, the curriculum will always be free.


Courses are supplementary to the main curriculum as some are not free. They are by no means necessary, but I have found all of them incredibly helpful along my journey. I can personally attest to the quality of each of them because I only share what I have personally taken.


This section is a collection of some of my favorite tools which I use on a daily basis as a professional web developer. The majority of them are free, a few are not. However, much like the courses, I only share what I personally use and can honestly attest to. I know you will find this collection useful, because I cannot do my job without them.