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This is the curriculum I wish I had when I was teaching myself how to code!

There are countless tutorials, screencasts, blog posts and websites that often overwhelm new developers. I curate all of the best online resources and put them into a straightforward format that helps you learn full-stack web development in a logical order.

The curriculum is specifically designed for the self-taught student as colleges, universities, boot camps, are often too expensive. HowToCode provides all of the resources you need to learn how to become a professional web developer by presenting the material in a methodical curriculum to prevent you from wasting unnecessary time and money. Oh... and the curriculum is FREE!



  • Pre-Flight
    Learn the fundamentals.
  • Front-End
    HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Back-End
    Ruby, PHP, NodeJS, Git & more...
  • Finding a Job
    How to get hired as a full-time developer

Let's face it, there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. My curriculum will teach you the fundamentals of web development, while at the same time allowing you to choose your own path as well. There are lots of wonderful technologies out there and you should learn the ones you enjoy using, more importantly, the ones that companies in your area use so you can get a full-time job doing this.

Learning the technical stuff is only part of it. My curriculum strives to teach both the technical and soft skills you are going to need to land your first web development job.

Who am I? Why should you trust me?

picture of Robert Guss

My name is Robert Guss and I am a self-taught web developer with over 15 years of experience in IT. I have been a full-time web developer since May of 2015, having taught myself to code with zero programming experience, six months prior to that. Since then, I have taught over 28,000 developers on Udemy web development.

I believe what also sets me apart from other online instructors is that I am still a full-time employee. I teach what you will need to know from real-world experience, as I share the things I learn professionally, with you.