Why do you want to become a
web developer?

Wait what? I bet you didn’t expect to land here as the ‘next step’ well it’s actually the first step and honestly I think the most important. You might be anxious to just dive right in and start learning all about this ‘code’ stuff, but let’s just take a step back for a moment and think about why we are here?

Why are you here?

Seriously, you need to be able to answer this question otherwise you will end up walking away when things start to get tough. Let me tell you, they will get tough! You are going to need to understand your purpose for going through all of this in order to persevere when things become difficult and you feel like you just are not good or smart enough. Again, I am going to stress that being able to answer this question is essential to your success, it is not optional, it is mandatory!

Well for a lot of you maybe you don’t know exactly. You have just heard about web development from a friend, or seen stuff online, thought it sounds kinda ‘cool’ and you just want to check it out. That is fine, we all start somewhere. However, that is not enough. I am glad something has peaked your interest about this field, but if you want to be successful in it you are going to need a reason more substantial than that.

Maybe if I share a little bit more about me and my motivation for becoming a web developer it will help provide a little more clarity.

My story & journey

Take some time away from the computer and just think. I mean really think about your life, your goals, your dreams. Even better, write it all down. Seriously grab a pencil and some paper and write it down. Don’t type it, write it!

Does being a web developer help you to achieve your goals, dreams, desires and they way of life you desire? If so, then great! You are in the right spot. If you are still unsure, then keep moving forward anyways, but I am telling you right now you are going to need a significant answer to this question when things start to get tough, and it won’t be long before they do. So keep investigating and spending time on this site, but you will eventually need to answer this question. Trust me.

Alright now with that out of the way, onto the next step!