Web Design

Hey there front-end developer! Doesn’t that have such a nice ring to it! Well before we get too far ahead of ourselves, remember we now know that things necessary to qualify as a front-end developer. However, we haven’t really put all three of these pieces (HTML, CSS, and JS) together. Ok I know we have sort of, but I wanted to take a second to teach you about design and in particular web design.

In full disclosure this is an area I myself struggle with, and believe me we all do. A lot of web people have not been ‘trained’ in the world of design and graphic design. Not too mention that the web is this flexible, moving, ‘breathing’ thing. It is not like we design something for a piece of paper and that paper always holds its shape. We have to design sites and apps that look great on laptops, phones, desktops, tv’s, and soon virtual reality! So yeah having a understanding of design principles is incredibly important and is only going to help you become better at what you do and also more valuable to your future employer!

I have included two resources here that have helped me, and I know they will help you too. The first is hack design.org email course. Just go ahead and sign up and you are going to get some incredible wisdom emailed to you all about design.

Hack design

Hack Design

Next up is Design by Numbers. They also offer a great 30 day email course. So go ahead and sign up.

Design by numbers

Design by Numbers

Here is a pro tip for you. Make sure you archive these emails and do not delete them. They serve as excellent reference material that you can consult and look back at when you have a question about design.

Ok let’s now begin our journey towards the back-end, where we will uncover the ‘unseen’! It’s not scary it’s quite awesome actually.