Why I created howToCode.io

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Why i created how to code post hero

How to code is a community for aspiring web developers. Everything provided is for the self-taught student, as bootcamps, colleges and universities are often too expensive. How to code provides all of the resources you need to learn how to become a professional web developer by presenting the material in a methodical curriculum to prevent you from wasting time and money.

I am going to be honest with you… writing code is hard really hard! However, just because something is hard does not mean you cannot learn it, or that you cannot eventually become good at it. I truly believe that if your desire is to become a web developer, you will. This field is not reserved for the academic elite, mathematical geniuses or for people much smarter than you. You are smart! If this is something you truly desire to learn and know, then you have come to the right place. 

There is a coding craze going on right now. You probably want to become a web developer because you have heard how lucrative a career it is. Not to mention the almost too good to be true benefits tech companies provide for their employees like, work remotely, unlimited time off, 100% paid health care, free catered lunches, company sponsored trips, vacations etc. The truth, is that web developers are in incredibly high demand. Companies are going above and beyond to not only attract web developers to their company, but to also keep them there as well. Developers in general are notorious for jumping from company to company, because they can quickly get a five figure raise just by doing so. 

You have probably heard of all of these bootcamps that have seemingly come out of nowhere promising to provide you with all the skills you need to become a software developer in 3-4 months. The catch however is they are incredibly expensive. The average bootcamp is anywhere from 12k to 20k. That is a lot of money! Money that most people do not have. Not to mention that it would be incredibly difficult for you to work and make a living while going to such a bootcamp. So why is the demand so high and why all of this craze going on right now? It’s simple…

Software is difficult. The web is immensely complicated and ever changing. Writing code is hard. Solving complex problems in an ever evolving and changing world is really really hard. I think it is so wrong when I see all over the internet ‘anyone can learn how to code’, ‘writing code is easy and anyone can do it’. Truth is not everyone can do it. If it were easy then the demand for software engineers and web developers would not be at the level that it is. The demand is high, because the supply is low.  Here is the good news…

You can learn how to code if you are passionate, disciplined, and determined. Sound familiar? Those are essentially the same ingredients you need to learn or do just about anything… anything well that is.

So that is why I have created this community. I wanted to create a place where people can come to learn the vast world of web development and programming in general. I also wanted to share my experiences as a self-taught web developer to hopefully keep people from making the mistakes I made along the way. When I was first learning to code I had no idea how vast and complicated the web truly was and is, which by the way, is ever increasing in complexity. I wasted so many hours, days, weeks etc on useless information, taking courses out of order, free tutorials on technologies I thought I wanted or needed to know only to find out they were outdated etc. I wish I had a roadmap, framework or curriculum to provide the steps in the proper order to learn all of this stuff. Since I did not have this, I am creating it for you now. Now that I am a full-time web developer and am still constantly learning new techniques, languages, frameworks, etc I am sharing with you my experience and providing the curriculum I wish I had when I first began. If I could go back in time to share with myself all that I know now, the material contained on this site and within this community is what I would share.

All of this is to say if you truly want to become a web developer, you came to the right place. I can assure you that everything you need to know is here, the only thing in your way… is you! So if you want it go get it!