Oh boy! I am really not even sure where to begin on this subject. Javascript is hands down the most popular language in the world. It comes natively inside every web browser, it is used in IOT devices, it is used in smart watches, basically it is everywhere.

Javascript is one of the most important languages you could ever learn in your web development career. There is no escaping it, you will have to write it, and mastery of it takes a very long time. There is a thing going on right now called ‘Javascript Fatigue’ because the ecosystem around it is ever changing. Since javascript is the most popular language in the world, there are a lot of opinions out there on what is best, what is not, etc. You need to do you best to shut out all of that noise right now, and believe me it is just noise!

I have included two books to get you started on your Javascript journey and I have put them in order for a reason. Please read Javascript for Cats first, I know the name is strange, but you will find the content quite adorable ;)

Javascript for cats

Then read Eloquent Javascript

Eloquent javascript

Once you have read these two books, and you seriously need to read both of them you can continue on to the next section.

Oh by the way! Not sure if you noticed or remember this, but you now possess the knowledge and skills of a front-end developer! Remember what I said a front-end developer does in the very beginning of this curriculum? Well congrats you meet that criteria :) Feels good doesn’t it.