Now we are at the point where we actually get to learn about code and how to write it, right? Well… not quite. In this section you are going to learn HTML. HTML is the backbone of the web. It is the studs inside of a house, it provides the framework from which other aspects of web pages and web applications are built upon, much like the bones or skeleton in our bodies.

HTML technically is not code though, it is a markup language. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. What a mouthful! It is a way for humans to markup text so the browser and computer know how to properly display it. It is the foundation upon which all things that exist on the internet are built with and upon. So needless to say having a solid grasp of it is crucial.

I have included links to both a book by our friend Michael Hartl and am going to introduce you to a new one, Shay Howe.

Shay howe html css

Learn enough html

Both of these resources are phenomenal! I personally learned HTML and CSS via Shay’s site. So I would start there and if you want to go a little deeper on HTML check out Hartl’s book.