You have really come a long way thus far in your journey! We are now going to learn about something incredibly useful to us as developers… Git! Or better put version control. There are many different types of version control out there, but by far the most popular and widely used is Git, especially in the web world.

So what exactly is version control? Well simply put, it is kinda like a save button for your code. Basically version control allows you to create various ‘commits’ or versions of your code base, then in case something goes wrong, and it always does, you can go back to a previous working version. Git is immensely powerful and to truly master it takes a very long time, however you really only need to understand some of the larger principles and features of Git to use it. I am sure I have just upset a lot of developers now by saying that, but I am just being honest.

So I have included two resources for this section a course and a book.

Code academy git

Code Academy - Git

Learn enough git tutorial

Learn Enough Git to be Dangerous

Ok now onto my favorite programming language... Ruby.