Blog about your journey

Photo by unsplash-logoLauren Mancke

For this next part, you are just going to have to trust me, ok? It is by no means necessary, but it will make a huge difference. Before you even begin the next step, start a blog, and write about the journey you are embarking on. Blogging provides numerous benefits.

For one, writing consistently about all of the things you are learning is going to be helpful when you get stuck, you want to give up or think this is too hard. Trust me, this will happen to you! It happens to all of us all the time. By having a blog that you can quickly go back and read all of the things you previously learned and see just how much progress you've made. This journey is long and arduous at times, and being able to reflect on all the positives is incredibly powerful. You won't be able to fully understand what I am talking about until it happens to you.

I need you to trust me on this.

Also, blogging while you are on this journey provides an excellent way for you to solidify the things are you learning in your mind. To be able to write about what you are learning, you will need to make sure you fully understand it. As you begin to blog about a topic you recently learned, you will most likely discover some holes in things that you don't quite understand. This will allow you to identify those areas and then go back and learn them. Your articles will also act as documentation, which you can go back and revisit when you need a refresh on how something works.

There are also going to be lots of people wanting to know the things you are sharing. By writing a blog, you will be generating content that will help these people. You do not need to be an expert; you only need to know a little more than someone else. It will also help with your confidence and self-esteem.

I cannot stress the importance of this part enough. As you are just beginning, this probably does not seem worthwhile, but trust me, if you do this, you will be incredibly thankful you did.

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