Oh boy do I love this language! I never thought a programming language could look as beautiful as Ruby does and be so much fun to write and work with. Do you know why that is? Well it turns out that the creator of Ruby Yukihiro Matsumoto aka Matz designed the Ruby language with developer happiness in mind. Sounds crazy right!?!? As he was designing the language he kept what it would feel like for the developer to work with, read, and ‘be in’ Ruby for hours at a time. In my opinion Ruby is just a treat to be able to work with, Matz knocked it out of the park!

So in this lesson we are going to learn all about the Ruby programming language. Once we understand Ruby we are going to move onto one of the most powerful and popular web frameworks, built upon Ruby… Ruby on Rails. Just wait until you see all of the amazing things you can built with Ruby on Rails. However, before we get there, you really need to have a solid grasp of the Ruby language itself. Do not rush through this section, take your time here.