So this section is all about learning CSS otherwise known as Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is another markup language that is used to position, add color, styles, etc to your website or web app. Having a solid understanding of CSS is crucial and build upon your previous learning of HTML. The two, html and css, go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other. You will discover that there are a lot of opinions out there on how to write and organize your CSS and this has been the subject of great debate, especially recently. The power of CSS comes from the ‘Cascading’ nature of it. However, this is also where the greatest amount of frustration and trouble can come from when used irresponsibly.

For now however what is important is just learning the basics and fundamentals of CSS.

Shay howe html css


I have included Shay Howe’s site here again because he does such phenomenal job covering css in addition to html. If you have already gone through his site, then already have a solid grasp and understanding of CSS!

There is another aspect of CSS that is somewhat new and I think is vital for you to learn, even early on. That aspect is known as Flexbox. Flexbox is relatively knew within the CSS spec, or standards of the language. It provides immense power for layouts and positioning and solves so many problems that we had to struggle and ‘hack’ around for years. I am going to introduce you to a new friend who we will come back to again and again, because the man is that good! That man’s name is Wes Bos. He has a free course and Flexbox and I have found no greater resource for learning it.

Wes bos what the flexbox


After you have gone through his course, he is a really great reference page that you can use.

CSS Tricks Guide to Flexbox

This reminds me, I hope you are starting to see that developers cannot possibly keep all of this stuff in their heads all the time. We are humans after all. Part of what makes a great developer is knowing where to look for the answers they seek. So a lot of what you are learning you may not retain, but you now how resources and places you can go to to look them up. It’s not cheating, don’t feel guilty. This is honestly one of the most valuable skills you can learn, and believe me it is a skill. No one can keep track of all of this stuff in their brain, the best ones simply know where to go look.

Ok now onto the infamous Javascript! See you there.