Command line

Command Line

Ok so now we are going to take a deeper look into the command line aka the terminal. At first thing seems quite archaic. I mean we have a mouse and keyboard and we have beautiful desktops and software, why in the world are we typing text into a black box!?!?! Well it turns out that the command line is incredibly powerful. The things you will learn to do with it are what power the underlying actions of your operating system. You know how you right click to make a folder? Well, you are going to learn how the computer actually does that.

You might thinking ok well I guess that’s cool but I honestly don’t care. You may not, but you are going to need to have a solid grasp of the command line as we began digging deeper into the back-end and these days front-end dev are in it all the time too. I personally would argue that the command line is the next greatest and most important tool in a developers tool belt after the text editor.

I have included one course and two books for this section. You by no means have to go through all three, however you should at least take the course on Code Academy and ideally Wes Bos’ free course. At the very least the course on Code Academy. Finally I have attached Michael Hartl’s book too.

Code academy command line course

Code Academy - Learn the Command Line

Wes bos command line power user

Command Line Power User

Learn enough command line to be dangerous

Learn Enough Command Line to be Danerous