Robert guss

Hi I’m Robert Guss creator of

I created this site in order to making learning web development accessible to anyone and everyone. As a self-taught web developer myself, I struggled in the beginning trying to navigate through all of the tutorials, video courses, blog posts, MOOC’s etc. I thought going to a bootcamp would be the best bet for me, because I knew it would provide the structure and organized framework necessary to learn the skills I needed to become a professional web developer. However, like most people I could not afford it. So that is why exists.

My goal is to provide all of the resources, tools and lessons I have learned over the years as a full-time web developer with you. Everything here is what I wish I had when I was first learning web development. I want to help as many people as I can fulfill their dreams of becoming a web developer, because I can attest that it has literally changed my life. This is by far the most lucrative and rewarding careers I have ever had. I love what I do now, it doesn’t feel like ‘work’ at all.

However, this career is not easy and there is a tremendous amount of things you will need to learn to be ready to enter this field. If you truly desire to become a web developer, I can assure you everything you need is here. This is intended to be a one stop shop, that you can use as your own ‘bootcamp’ to land your first job as a junior developer.